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Where are my Meganes

21 / America / Cancer / INTP

An aspiring author/artist/animator. Currently studying illustration at RISD and Literary Arts/Japanese at Brown. When I'm not working on my original projects or obsessing over fictional characters, I'm usually either martial arts-ing, pretending I can sing, or stuffing my face with spicy food. My greatest talent in life is losing my glasses while they're on my face.

If you have questions about anything or just want to chat, feel free to message me!

A-Anon wanted a “really sexy” Peter Pan in either palette 6 or 3… but… I’M SORRY ANON I WOULDN’T KNOW SEXY IF IT SLAPPED ME ACROSS THE FACE WITH A RAW FISH

Arrietty and Sho for !  Can I just say THANK YOU for requesting this because I heard the song “Sho’s Lament” forever ago and couldn’t remember the title or what it was from and many a tear was shed and then BAM SECRET WORLD OF ARRIETTY beautiful music back in my life.

m-m-mer… mershotas… I… actually drew mershotas… I’m so deep in swimming hell SOMEONE PULL ME OUT except don’t.

Also tried making process gif to laugh at the evolution of Sousuke’s nose.

Feel like I haven’t been doing anything but fanart lately so here’s an OC or whatever.

Her name is Rein and in case you couldn’t tell, she has a large scythe.  (I have no excuses - scythes are just cool, bruh.) 5 foot even and proud of it.  Her hobbies include river fishing and getting into bar fights.  Quite charming, really, until you realize she’s already pick-pocketed you.

I think your drawing style is amazing!


I wish I had a funny and pizzazy gif to insert here but alas I am a witless heathen that knows naught of the joys of collecting gifs.

I’m the worst tumblr-er, I know.

Hello everyone, just a bit of housekeeping:

First, I’ve gotta send my computer in for some repairs and I’ll be taking a short vacation, so I’ll be gone until the 19th!  Obvs no drawing during that time D:

Second, Palette meme requests are now closed!  If you’ve already sent a request I will still fill it - Arietty/Sho, Peter Pan, Armin, Ilke - I think that’s all of them that are left?  If tumblr ate your message or something, just let me know.  THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO REQUESTED SOMETHING!!  Y’all give purpose to my empty days!

Ok, that should be all.  Thanks ~

 requested something from Twilight Princess with a palette of my choice, so here is Midna with #8!  I’ve been trying to do these without too much blending but I just said screw it on this one ha.

 requested the Deku Palace Guards from Majora’s Mask with #12!  (I forgot how cute these little buggers are! No matter how frustrating they can be, eh heh…)

Aaaaaand an anon requested Midna riding wolf Link with either #7 or #12!  I chose 7 because I would never be brave enough to use these colors if left to my own devices… but it was fun!  (Now if only imp Midna weren’t so hard to draw kdjfbgjdfb)

what program do you use?

I usually do sketch/lineart traditionally and color with a mix of Photoshop cs5 and Paint Tool SAI.  (Been moving more towards Photoshop lately.)

Mini Eren Jaeger with palette 17 for cacophonila!  You can’t convince me that when Eren was a kid he didn’t dress up like the Survey Corps. and battle “titans”… I’ll bet the little dweeb even tied boxes to himself like 3dmg…

Bahhhh sorry for the recent inactivity but I got into one of my silly “I’d rather do anything in the world other than draw right now” phases.  Anyway, here’s Bastian in christmas palette #1 for !